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Catalog » Other choises » Luxury rugs » 21002 Meshed / Mashad Amoghli antique rug 12 x 9 ft
21002 Meshed / Mashad Amoghli antique rug 12 x 9 ft
21002 Meshed / Mashad Amoghli antique rug 12 x 9 ft
Modelno.: 21002
Weight: 42.00kg
Manufacturer: Mesched
58.900,00 EUR
(incl. 19% Tax excl. shipping)
In Stock: 1
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Carpet details
Land of origin: Iran
Provenience: Mesched / Mashat - Manufactur Amoghli
Size ca.: 360 x 265 cm / 12 x 9 ft
Pile material: 100% New wool / Kurkwool
Warp material: 100% Cotton (weft 100% silk)
Design: Classic Medaillon
Produced in Mesched / Eastern Persia / Chorasan Province
Colors: Darkblue - Kardinalred - Lightblue - Beige (Natural dyes) 
Carpet type: City manufactur
Age: old (new = 0-10, semiold = 10-50, old = 50-100 years, older than that: antique)
Conditioin: Perfect - as new - no wear at all
Available: Yes
KPSI: ca. 412
Unique: Yes
Signature: Amoghli

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"The city of Mashhad has long been one of the centres for production of famous Persian carpets. It is also one of the oldest centres of carpet weaving. The Perez Topkapi prayer rug was woven between 1550 and 1556 most likely in Mashhad. The carpet manufacturing is extensive in Mashhad and mostly large carpets with medallions are made, which are also sold under the name Meshed. The quality changes and the wool from Khorasan is recognized by its softness.

The greatest Mashhad workshop of all time was that of Soltan Ibrahim Mirza. More recently Mashhad workshops included Amoghli (Amu-oghli, Amoughli, Emoghli), Khamenei, Makhmalbaf, Saber, and Zarbaf. Amoghli was one of the greatest Persian carpet workshops of the 20th century. Under Ali Khan Amoghli and Abdol Mohammad Amoghli their carpets were favourites under the Pahlavi Shahs particularly Reza Shah. Sa'dabad Palace in northern Tehran was furnished by the Pahlavis with carpets from the Amoghli plant. There are also some of the greatest Mashhad carpets woven by Amoghli in Niavaran Palace."

Read this article on Wikipedia: Mashhad rug wikipedia

About our carpet:

This Mashhad Amoghli is a MUST for all serious collectors of finest art. Handknotted in the middle of the last century, it is most likely to be a present from the Shah to a high member of the court, a General, or a foreign statesman. Even it is almost a lifetime in age, it has no wear, damages or signes of use. The pile is high and perfect in all areas of the carpet, there are no defects or stains. It has a small repair half the size of a quater dollar. Long sides and fringes are 100% original and in perfect condition. Amoghli workshop was the most important deliverer of carpets of the high court of the Pahlevi dynasty.

The pile is of finest and softes wool, dyed with natural dyes. The colors are strong and clear. None of the pictures on this site shows the beauty of this carpet at all.

The KPSI is very fine for a Mashad carpet: 412 KPSI.

If you need further digital pictures, kindly request them.


Amoghli Mashhad Wool and Silk antique persian rug

Reference 1:



380 x 263 cm / ca. 12`8 x 9 ft.

Sold in September 2005 für CHF 108 000 at Auktionshaus Koller / Switzerland

Reference 2:

Christies Sale 7752 / Lot 015 Sale 08 October 2009


416 x 294 cm / ca. 13.8  x 9.8  ft.

Sold at Christies for GBP 32450.00 .


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