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Catalog » Other choises » Old and antique rugs » 13518 Turkey Kelim rug 12.6 x 2.6 ft
13518 Turkey Kelim rug 12.6 x 2.6 ft
13518 Turkey Kelim rug 12.6 x 2.6 ft
Modelno.: 13518
Weight: 7.00kg
(incl. 19% Tax excl. shipping)
In Stock: 1
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Guaranteed handknotted oriental rug
Land of origin:   Turkey
Provenience:   Kelim / Kilim Sivas
Size:   12.6 x 2.6 ft
Pile material:   Wool
Warp / Foundation:   Cotton
    Semi antique Kilim rug, minor restorationes. This piece is a half part of a larger Kilim that used to be made of two rugs like this one.

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Label STEP – Fair trade with handmade carpets and rugs

A fair carpet industry secures good living conditions.

Label STEP was founded in 1995 by the development organisations Berne Declaration, Bread for All, Caritas Switzerland, Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund and Swissaid together with IGOT (Swiss Association for Clean Oriental Carpet Trade). It operates in all major carpet-producing countries: in Afghanistan, India, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan and Turkey.

The fair-trade label STEP is awarded to those carpet dealers, who commit to social responsibility for carpet workers:

  • for good working conditions and fair purchasing prices ensuring fair wages
  • against abusive child labour
  • for independent production inspections
  • for environmentally friendly production methods
  • for development projects for better living conditions

These fairtrade principles not only apply to individual handmade carpets of a Label STEP licensee but to his entire range of handmade carpets. Carpet dealers are obliged to provide Label STEP with a full account of all their purchases and supply chains, to allow inspections to take place and, whenever necessary, to initiate measures for improvement.

To acheive these goals Label STEP is systematically monitoring the production sites of its licensees and their suppliers, and takes measures to ensure fair conditions.

Learn more about fair trade and Label Step:

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Oriental Carpet Vendor
Since 1967 Djoharian Oriental Rugs offers a well-stocked selection of genuine Persian carpets of all styles. Original nomadic carpets of Afshari, Bakhtiari, Balutch, Quashgai, Kashkuli,Loribaft or Shah Savan in different manufacturing techniques like carpets and rugs, woven kilim or rare djadjim kelim are our most important ambassadors of Persian art. Fine works of urban factories from Qum, Isfahan, Tabriz and Nain show the full range of artistic expression by using the finest wool and silk. Besides Persian rugs and carpets productions from neighboring countries are becoming more relevant for the market. Carpets and rugs from Nepal and India have gained considerable quality in recent years. Our producers in Kathmandu / Nepal and Mirzapur, Jaipur and Agra in India produce excellent quality rugs made of wool and silk for our customers. The wool used comes from both the Tibetan Plateau (Tibet wool) and from New Zealand. Very new to the market are SARI SILK VINTAGE RUGS. This highly actual and trendy vintage pieces are made from the traditional garment of the Indian women. The recycled silk saris are very suitable for the production of unique carpets. These unique items can be produced in all requested sizesd in the usual colors of saris.

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